Monday, April 25, 2011

Bust a Fertility Myth:'ll happen!

In honor of National Infertility Awareness Week (NIAW) April 24th-30th, our friends at Resolve have asked the blogosphere to bust some infertility myths!

Relax, it'll happen! Try not to think about it. Go on a vacation!

My husband and I try to take a trip every summer. We usually start planning at the beginning of the year. Our first question is always, "what if we get pregnant before then?" So we plan our vacation around that thought. Where can we go that will be pregnant-lady friendly? My first choice is always somewhere beachy, while the hubs is happy going anywhere away from long as there is a TV with a sports channel. As our vacation time draws closer, we realize we aren't pregnant...again. Then the plans for our vacation turn into the Let's Make a Baby Trip. This is the trip that it will happen! I can't wait until our child finds out that he or she was conceived in Jamaica...Hawaii...Las Vegas...Jamaica again. We force ourselves to wait a month after vacation to take a pregnancy test...which comes back negative. Always.

If vacationing were the answer to infertility, I wouldn't be writing this post!  Seriously, infertility is the only disease that people seem to think can be cured by a day at the spa or by going on vacation. IT CAN'T.

As April comes to an end...I'm looking forward to our vacation in June. The plane tickets are in hand, the room is booked. This time, I think we'll try to just have fun!

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